95th Anniversary of the Cornell Club of the Philippines


Our gracious host and club president, Martin Romualdez


Oona, Jigs, Kristy, Shyamala, Rie, Robbie


Eki, Orly


Atong, Alex, Ado


Dolly, Joe, Ray, Ging


Kristy, Bunny, Rolando, Lani


Mining, Ito, Tom


Demi, Domingo


Santi, Francis, Raeanna, Robbie, Nina

Our ever so lovely Super-woman Raeanna is the organizer of all Cornell Club of the Philippines events


David, Janine, Mario, Lou


Allan, Charlie, Greg


Mary, Roxy, Nita, Beang


Oona, Raeanna, Jigs, Nina, Louie, Kristy


Lani, Monet, Cris


Eugene, Jess, Kristy


Bettina, Richie, Doming


Jay, Peggy