Thank you to Tony Alfonso Phd '03, Plant Molecular Biology, for contributing 2 beautiful photos of Cornell University

Biotech Building along Tower Road -- where I spent most of my 5-year-and-a-half stay at Cornell University as a Ph.D. student in Plant Molecular Biology. I spent countless hours in the lab of Prof. Maureen Hanson genetically transforming petunias and analyzing DNA and protein samples, and in the growth chamber at the basement of Biotech Building evaluating my transgenic plants.  My hard work paid off:  our results were reported in a landmark paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA describing the cloning of the first Restorer of fertility (Rf) gene in plants that acts by altering the expression pattern of an aberrant mitochondrial gene.  That paper can be accessed here:  A press release from Cornell News can be accessed here:  Dr. Queena Lee-Chua's column is here:  (Contributed by Tony Alfonso, Ph.D. '03)


Sage Hall photo taken by Tony Alfonso in year 2002.